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Our experienced sales professionals are technical hydrovac and vac unit experts, and have worked with some of the largest and most specialized vac owner/operators in the industry. Without a doubt, our sales team is an industry asset. They’re the “go to” information source for customers who are considering entering the industry, upgrading their equipment, or adding more units to the fleet.

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Our equipment is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. That’s why we’ve tripled the industry standard one year warranty. We’re the only Hydrovac excavating and vacuum tank manufacturing company to stand behind our equipment for this length of time.

Negotiating Better Financing

To maximize our customers’ value and minimize their costs, our industry experts negotiate a better financing deal on your behalf. It’s just one of the advantages of working with a company that knows this industry inside and out, and has the credibility and negotiating power to improve our customers’ bottom-line.

2016 Body Vac




Year: 2017
Make: Westech Vac Systems
Model: 70 BBL
Type: Body Vac
Item ID: 8304
Chassis: Kenworth
Model: 4700 Allison automatic
Tank: DOT/TC 407 Code unit ( 72” x 14’ )
Debris: 11 cubic meters
Details: Hibon 820 quiet package, on deck toolbox, Hose trays, catwalk.
Painted: Black and White, field ready.